American Mission

American Mission

15th - 22nd May 2016

The American Mission week includes two teams (American and Welsh) with one mission. It involves the coming together of members of three church organisations- Bethany, Petal-Harvey (Mississippi), and Emmanuel Associates in the town of Caldicot. The American mission team will spend a week in Wales, helping us to outreach to the people of Caldicot in many different ways, and to many different people.

Some events that will take place during this week will be music and sports nights, a church prayer meeting led by all members of both mission teams, and outreach in Caldicot Comprehensive School during all 5 schooldays. Our goal is to spread the Word of God throughout Caldicot, and reach as many of our neighbours as we can.

We’d love for the whole of Bethany, and Caldicot, to participate during mission week, and we hope to see you there!

Bethany Baptist Church - Caldicot, South Wales