Andrew Wallwin - Deacon
Andrew Wallwin - Deacon

Andrew Wallwin - Deacon

Worshipped at Bethany Baptist Church since 2001.

I was born in 1967 in Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire. I spent my childhood moving back and forth between the Midlands and Portsmouth before my family finally settled in Caldicot when I was 17 and my Father retired from the Royal Navy.

I met my wife, Annmarie, at age 20 and we married a year later whilst expecting the first of our two daughters. We struggled through life without ever considering God or spiritual matters and I believed that churches were just out to get money from people.
When our girls were approaching their teens we embarked on a spiritual journey trying to find meaning in our lives. Eventually we felt drawn to start reading the Bible and God showed us what we had been looking for. In 2001 we started attending the nearest Church, which just happened to be Bethany, gave our lives to Christ and were Baptised.
Considering my views about money prior to being saved, I find it amusing that God called me to the role of Church Treasurer several years later.

It is a privilege to be part of a great leadership team here at Bethany. We work really well together and I enjoy being able to serve God with, and for, such an amazing group of people - His Church.

I don’t really have a favourite Bible verse, there are too many good ones!

Bethany Baptist Church - Caldicot, South Wales