Go Mad - Tanzania

Go Mad - Tanzania

Go MAD is a small independent Christian Charity which offers people an opportunity to visit Tanzania and be changed by their experience whilst getting involved in community projects which really make a difference to people's lives.

Founded in 1994 by Graham McClure who was helping design and build a cathedral for the Anglican Diocese of Mara, in the city Musoma with his Church St John's Church Blackheath. From his work there, he saw the great need of the local people and Graham felt driven to help the people of Mara and 'Go and Make a Difference in Tanzania'.

Go MAD work alongside the Anglican Diocese of Mara, helping local small-holder farmers, people living with HIV and AIDS, orphans, women and children in basic health and hygiene including monthly cycles and contraception and pastors and their congregations. Building water tanks, pit latrine toilets, goat pens and small houses for families.

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