Spring Harvest

Spring Harvest

Spring Harvest aims to create space for all people to encounter God, to be confident in their Faith and to see transformation in lives and communities. It is an event where everyone is valued and cared for, and where the church is supported and resourced. This with the aim that we all go ready and able to serve others, at home and around the world, in the name of Jesus.

Their twin priorities are to deliver excellent Bible teaching and seek God’s presence through Spirit-led worship. Top Bible scholars can help us better understand God’s word – and gifted lead worshippers will help us honour and draw near to our holy God.

All ages and abilities can learn in their own way, as the event theme runs across the whole age spectrum and throughout the day. The event is accessible for all, with top quality content in children’s and youth programmes and provision for people with disabilities and additional needs.

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Bethany Baptist Church - Caldicot, South Wales