In the year 2014, my life took an extraordinary turn when I crossed paths with my beloved wife, Vicki. There was an inexplicable aura surrounding her, something I couldn’t quite decipher at first.

Upon discovering that she actively attended church, I felt a compelling inner prompting that perhaps this was the missing piece in my life.

Intrigued by this revelation, I made the decision to join Vicki at Bethany every Sunday.

Little did I know that this humble act would become my sanctuary, providing respite from the burdens of my personal struggles.

Engaging in heartfelt conversations and immersing myself in the company of fellow believers allowed me to undergo a remarkable transformation.

Bethany became a nurturing environment where I could unravel my bottled frustrations, ultimately
shaping me into the person I am today.

Through this journey, my perception of God and Christianity underwent a profound shift. Believing in Jesus and embracing the power of faith has brought immeasurable changes in my life.

Words fall short when I attempt to convey the magnitude of his impact on me.

To provide a glimpse into this profound experience, I wholeheartedly invite you to witness the enlightening sermon “What Happened at the Cross” by Joseph Prince. You can find the link below.

What Happened At The Cross

Chris Edwards

Church Member

finding my place within Jesus’ heart has given me strength to carry on during times of ill health and anxiety. Whatever I am going though or will be going through I know I will not be “going” it alone because I have learnt that Jesus
the son of God, MY Saviour, will be right there with me.

I pray to Him and ask Him for his help every day and then every morning when I awake I am feeling good, fulfilled and excited about the day ahead that He has granted to me.

I have always had a yo-yo faith growing up but at my baptism I just had an amazing unbelievable feeling of fulfilment and a feeling of being part of a greater whole, one that has filled me with a knowing that I belong, that I am loved
and that I am truly blessed.

I believe Jesus gives me genuine hope and a reason to live and I feel stronger when I’m with Jesus. I have learnt what is really of true value to me and these values are now in their rightful place. My respect for myself and others
has quantified and I am able to now make amends and forgive those that have hurt me and done me wrong with my whole heart and know its the right thing to do. This I have learnt through listening to the readings of Jesus and how he
forgave the people that were so dreadfully unkind and wronged him so much. My comfort place is in church listening to these readings.

Having such an amazing connection with Jesus has helped me to value myself, to feel anew and great about things I do. I believe all my sins of today and my worries are washed away daily due to my prayers being answered … I am never
scared to ask Jesus for help and guidance and to fill me with the ability to do what is right in His eyes.

Helen Harries

Church Member