Kapow! Kids Club

KAPOW! is an hour of jam packed fun. Audience style evening, the children can engage in team games, songs with funky actions, prizes from the treasure chest and loads of opportunity to win points for their team! Every evening there is a theme. The children will hear a story relating to a biblical theme and learn great values to help them in their young lives. 

And … and this is very exciting, children are welcome to bring along 1p and 2p’s (No obligation and copper coins only) to raise money for a school in Nsobe Community in Zambia, and the team with the most in their pot at the end will be gunging a Head Teacher from one of the Caldicot Primary schools!!!! Who will it be?? Don’t know yet … but it will be great fun!. 

So, the treasure chest is packed with goodies and the tuck shop is stocked ready to go.

What a great way to start your weekend!

Entry is free

But all must be registered with a consent form signed by a Parent or Legal Guardian.

Tuck shop

Maximum Spend is 50p – this is paid on the way in and a bag of sweets are given on the way out

Disco Lights & Fog MAchine

Flashing disco lights and a smoke machine, this is used once before opening 

Noise & Fun

The evening starts off a little noisy with loads of fun and winds down slowly to a quieter time towards the end.