Who is Jesus?

As part of our church logo you will see written these words: ‘We exist to make Jesus known’.

So what on earth does that mean in reality?

The truth is for all of us at Bethany, at some point Jesus stopped being a name we had heard at Sunday School, or at School, or in storybooks, or even just as a swear word, Into someone we knew and believed to be God’s one and only
son, given to the people of the world, that God himself created to save and rescue mankind from their sins. And three days after his crucifixion and death, rose again just as God’s word, the Bible says.

So do we believe this just because the Bible says it’s true? Well, partly, but honestly the most compelling evidence is that by asking Jesus into our lives we have simply found our lives have changed. For some, the change has been
instant, and for others a gradual change over time.

In fact, historians will tell you that there is more evidence for the existence of Jesus than there is for Julius Caesar! Intellectuals have looked at research with the intent of disproving the existence of this Jesus character, only
to find themselves admitting that there is compelling evidence that Jesus was no myth but real! (Lee Strobel “The Case for Christ” or Rice Broocks “Man, Myth, Messiah)

We cannot deny the existence of a living God and a risen Jesus, because knowing Him has changed us. And so for that very reason at our Church: “WE EXIST TO MAKE JESUS KNOWN”