Teacher Aid


In Rural Zambia there are not enough schools, there was no school accessible to the village children in our area. Ninety percent of our children’s parents are illiterate and live way below the poverty line. To offer hope and the chance of an educated future for these children, Nsobe Trust School was started in our home in 2009.We now have 260 children in 9 Grades, from reception to Grade 8, taught by 13 dedicated teachers and support staff. We will grow a Grade a year until reaching Grade 12 and then create a natural resources college where students can learn agricultural, wildlife management and tourism skills. The college will also teach theory in IT, HR ,Christian morals and life skills
with practical hands on skills at Nsobe Lodge and Farm.Graduates will then be placed in private sector projects across Zambia and will be able to create and manage their own rural projects, providing much needed natural resources development
and wealth and job creation in a land that could feed Africa.