Bethany Sunday Services

We come together to praise God, to learn from His Word, to encourage each other and to make Jesus known.

Every Sunday 10:30 am.


Chris Edwards

Church Member

In 2014 I met my wife, Vicki. I noticed something different about her I just couldn’t work out what it was, After finding out she attended church I thought maybe that could be it and felt urged that this was something that I should do, from then on a I started to attend on a Sunday, as time went on Bethany was one of the only places where I could escape from the worries of my personal circumstances. Talking and just being around fellow Christians allowed me to grow into the person I am today and help me workout the bottled frustrations that I had. It had completely changed my view about God and Christianity.
Believing in Jesus and God has changed my life so much. It’s really difficult to explain how much he has done for me. to put things into perspective I encourage you to watch What Happened At The Cross by Joseph Prince – Link Below